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  • 3 Days 2 Nights Masai Mara.

    Masai mara lies south west of Nairobi,a distance of between 5 hrs to 6 hrs depending on where your hotel/camp is located in the park.

  • 4 Days 3 Nights L.Nakuru -Masaimara

    Lake Nakuru lies on the floor of the Kenya’s great rift valley only 160 km from the Kenya’s capital Nairobi,it is known for its abundant bird life like the pink coloured flamingos which line up along the shores of this alkaline Lake,the presence of this birds depend on the algae which grow at the shores of the the shallow water,other attractions include the black and white Rhinos,the endangered Rothschild Giraffe,leopards,water bucks and other birds like the African fish eagles, hermakops, Pied king fisher, Goliath heron and the white pelicans

  • 4 Days Masaimara Safari-wild beast migration safari.

    4 Days Masaimara Safari-wild beast migration safari.

  • 5 Days 4 Nights Amboseli-L.Naivasha-MasaiMara-Nairobi Safari.

    This safari combination is planned to suit those who want to see the wildebeest and zebras spectacular migration at Mara River during your stay at Maasai mara.

  • 6 Days 5 Nights Samburu-Abardares-L.Nakuru-Masaimara Safari

    Samburu National Reserve was established in 1948, Samburu has over 50 species of wild animals in the reserve including unique species of Gravy Zebra, Reticulated Giraffe, Besia Oryx, Grater and Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk, Somali ostrich, pancake tortoise and over 450 species of birds.

    This safari combination is planned to suit those who want to see the wildebeest and zebras spectacular migration at Mara River.

  • 6 Days Tsavo East,Amboseli,Nakuru,Masaimara,Nirobi.

    This safari is arranged to guarantee you the view of the big five (Rhino, Elephant ,Buffalo, Lion and the Leopard) as well as the Mara wild beest migration for those who want to combine all this wild experience.

  • 7 Days Mombasa,Tsavo East,Taita Hills Sanctuary,Amboseli,Naivasha,masaimara,Nairobi.

    This tour is well arranged to give you a taste experience of all the common parks in kenya so as not miss some special species of mammals and birds as most of them are found in different parks depending on altitude and climatic conditions,animals like the generuk gazelle can be spotted in Tsavo east, the horn bill among other birds species.

  • $3,647.00

    9 Days 8 Nights Tsavo East-Tsavo West-Amboseli-L.Naivasha-L.Bongoria-L.Nakuru-MasaiMara Safari.

    Lake Bongoria is surrounded by beautiful land scapes like the Siracho Escarpment, the Kesubo Swamp, and shores lined with Gazelle, Zebra, Baboons, and Fish Eagles preying on the Flamingoes. Bogoria as there is no public transport. There is an abundance of bird Lake Baringo has numerous activities to keep you busy and occupied like camping, boat rides, wildlife walks, camel walks, visiting the local Njemps village, having fun and baths around the Hot springs that provide a natural spa.

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